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Schneekie Phinger

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[21 Mar 2009|01:45am]

so the word on the street is that we're starting this little biddy up again? is it? is that the word?

someone, tell me, I'm dying to know, and i'm feeling rather schneekie.
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[17 Jun 2007|10:40pm]

check for city updates.

Claro-  what city is Angela from?
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ben and me... [29 May 2007|09:25pm]
Hey my beautiful ladies,

Last time, you found out through facebook. This time, I'll let you know "personally." Ben and I broke up tonight. I'm doing alright. Gosh, i don't know how to write the whole story; i'd rather tell you face-to-face, but i'll do what i can on schneekie.

The Lord called us into the relationship in March, and for the last two months, it has been SO GOOD. The relationship was such a gift from the Lord. We had a blast together, encouraged one another, and got to know the Lord better together. This last weekend, while at the tournament in Columbus, we realized that the way we minister to other people (outside of the CCF ministry setting at Truman) is very different because our personalities are different. He's someone that stands back and observes people in an effort to know them; i have to jump in and ask tons of questions, etc. to get to know someone. We both respect each other immensely and are coming to the understanding that I am not the woman he needs to lead, nor is he the man i need to follow. He said that he somewhat disagreed with what I had to say (I was the one who brought this whole thing up) because he thought ministry was something that two people had to work at and pray about; good point. But after thinking over this weekend and how much of a disconnect there was between how we interacted with people, I told him that i didn't think the discrepancies were as much results of spiritual immaturities; we just engage people through different means because that's who we are. After a little more talking and some mature comments on his part, we decided that the Lord was indeed calling us out of this relationship. The verse the Lord used to call us together was Job 1:21, about the Lord giving and taking away, so we prayed together and listened to "Blessed Be Your Name" on the way home, which was so appropriate.

Well, this is the condensed version; i feel like i'm leaving some other good stuff out, so if you want to talk about it, i'd love to tell you about it. I'll definitely miss him; the next couple days will probably involve some tears. I hope our friendship can return. I learned so much about devotion and obedience to the Lord from him. It's weird, being in a mere two-month relationship where everything goes so well emotionally, spiritually and physically, and then having God call you out of it. I know, at this moment in my life, that he is not the man God has for me, but i didn't know that until this weekend. This breakup is full of respect and submission to the Lord, and even though it stinks emotionally (i had not ever been so crazy about someone before Ben), I know the Lord is refining us through it. Almost every moment of the relationship has been worship to the Lord, and it is to HIS GLORY AND CREDIT that I can say that. I am so thankful that I got to be Ben Jordan's girlfriend.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.
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[30 Apr 2007|11:19pm]
okay, here's the deal on memorial day weekend...i can't go to chicago anymore because...


so if anyone is up for a road trip to columbus, ohio, over that weekend, that's where i'll be headed.

love you!
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[20 Apr 2007|06:50am]

Do you know Paul Warner? I am working with him this summer
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[19 Apr 2007|07:33pm]
guess who's going on HNGR?  Praise Jesus.
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i'm BRILLIANT, you just don't know it yet [15 Apr 2007|09:47pm]

so. i found out today that my internship opportunity is just as real and definite as australia. yee-haw!

which means i'll be in chicago for seven weeks of my eleven week summer away from home. living in chicago or a suburb. living there. (are you paying attention?


i propose a fanfabfive roadtrip to chicago to visit me! think of it!

you all take off your jobs/camps/volunteer amazing acts of services for a weekend--and perhaps a day or two (friday-saturday-sunday-monday?), pile into a car, split gas four ways, make the ten hour drive in no time flat, have a free place to at least pile on the floor (plus a hypothetical kitchen, so we don't need to eat out a ton), see the sights, see wheaton, perhaps spend a day on the beach of lake michigan, wandering the magnificent mile, taking in the night life (?), see the museums, aquarium, planetarium, institutes, maybe see a musical?!, chill out in coffeeshops, go up the hancock tower, visit wicker park (EARWAX, right jess?) ride the navy pier ferris wheel, take the L, gaze into the bean, and all those chicagoan things in the beautiful chicagoan summer, and drive back when you're ready to leave! it's perfect! and considering there's not a covenant on, ben could concievably pile in the car and stay with us--although we'll be estrogen-fest. scary.

kay, this is just an idea. it will depend heavily on interest and availability and timing and such (i know jenny's probably out for most of the summer, and we don't know if mk's coming home at all), and heck, i don't even know where i'm living yet, so it's hard to nail anything down.
but i do know that i'll be out there by the week of may 20-27, and be returning home by july 11. memorial day is monday the 28th. perfect opportunity to do something. come on. it's brilliant.

pretty pretty please? can we make this work?
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three-fifths reunion [08 Apr 2007|11:49pm]

the second my roommate and suitemates arrived back from their respective places of vacation, i started missing jessie. she's not even gone yet. the time with both claire and jessie has been amazing.
i'm loving jessie's capacity to blush when she talks about ben--it's so beautiful. the dating people in my life lost that long ago.

love. God is good, heaven is forever, and class is only three more weeks.
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YOU'RE INVITED!!!! [06 Apr 2007|09:04am]

jenny and mk, 
        you are both cordially invited to a small town gathering, Information to follow: 

             MEREDITH MALONY
             CLAIRE JACKSON
                 CHICAGO                                        RANDOM METRA TRAINS                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                 INDIAN RESTAURANTS




-Meredith and jessie, you are invited too, but I figured you were already coming.... so I promise I didn't forget you.  
- I truly love all you and can't wait to see your faces.  
- I hope all have a blessed Easter weekend in remembering the sacrifice and rejoicing in his resurrection.  
-asdfkgjalerjofokgjaqreoijgtapeorijgadfoijvaeproijgapoidfjv;lakdjgr;lajdovijadr;oglmkadf/lvkadjr;giojaf;ovmkaDF?vlkAMR;LGVKAJRGOIJ- DID I MENTION THAT I WAS EXCITED?????


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so now the tally is three... [11 Mar 2007|11:29am]
In the past three weeks, i have received lovely voicemails from three of four of you. I have not forgotten. I do NOT forget when you ladies call. so here's the deal...

claire: i will call you this week to chat about your life, your spring break, your maggie and friends, and easter.

mary kate: sorry! i was out of reception! i just spent the week in Unicoi, TN. but now i'm back. so i'll be a-callin' you!

jenny: you found me! i know that i called you on the way to the wedding i went to a month ago...and then you called me back...and then you called me back. so i'll be callin'!


ending thought: it feels so good to be completely free to be who i am in Jesus. It says in second corinthians 5 that because Christ loves compels us (and other stuff), we no longer regard anyone from a worldy point of view. That includes ourselves. Oh that I would rest assured everyday that the Lord is pleased with me because of my relationship to Him, not my conduct towards Him. Yet at the same time, may I groan at the sight of sin in my life. HOLINESS, HOLINESS, is what I long for, because I LOVE JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.

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[13 Feb 2007|10:37pm]
Dear Mere,
I facebook friended boytoy so I could see a picture of him.  I am sure you can already assume my point here.  The superman picture didn't do much in that department. call me and tell me the story.

Dear Jess,
You apparently went to a wedding. You looked beautiful.  You called.  I called back.  Call me when you have time.  Ask me about Camp Heaven.

Dear MK,
You called.  I got your message on the way to Indianapolis and -14 degree temperature.  I want to talk to you.  Call me when you have time (BWWAHAHAHAH MK? TIME?) and talk to me about God. and your Valentine's Gifts. And Pajama Game. 

Dear Claire,
We never communicate.  But I really like you.  So, next time you are in Chapel really early, call.  Or when you have time.  Tell me about your life. 

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[07 Feb 2007|08:42pm]
Laura left this afternoon...as in for the semester.  I am now sitting in our half-empty room.  I"m not exactly sure what is about to happen, but it must be big, because the Lord has stripped me of the two major relationships in my life in two weeks.
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[03 Feb 2007|10:01am]
got my nose pierced last night. Just want to put that out there. i like it a lot.

but what's funnier is that i called Mary Kate after I got back to my room and such, because it was only 12:00a.m. her time, and because i needed to tell someone what i had done. I left her a voicemail, in which I must have been 2a.m.-incoherent because this is what she said: "Jessie, it's twenty minutes after you called me. I'm sorry I missed your call; I was at a show. You broke your nose?? I'm so sorry, friend. I hope you're not in too much pain. I will be praying for you. I am so sorry, Jessie. Please feel better, and I will call you soon!"

I got the message this morning, and i nearly peed my pants.
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i wish i was profound... [31 Jan 2007|11:09pm]
here's a "bloargah" of jessie's brain/heart/soul/spirit/what-are-the-distinctions-between-all-those-things-anyways??

-do you ever have a day where you are brushing your teeth, or some other task in the process of getting ready for bed, and you think, "Wow, I just didn't communicate well today. I had trouble saying things in class, and every sentence my teacher tried finishing for me was absolutely NOT what was on the tip of my tongue. I tried to express my spiritual ponderings to my fellow Christians, but was completely misunderstood, unbeknownst (sp?) to them, because they thought they were tracking with me. I feel like I should apologize for the whole day?? but what would i apologize for??" yeah, that was yesterday.

-I love my sister very much.

-It's snowing here, but I like it better that it's snowing in Arkansas, and that Jenny called to tell me that.

-CRAMPS are crippling. Is it okay to have pain shooting down my back into my left leg, causing me to fall down?

-I am still so happy that I got to spend a weekend with Clairise Elise.

-My plane to Milwaukee leaves in 9 days, and I can't wait to see all my Ravencrest friends.

-My Spanish profesora asked me today (in spanish and in spanish class) what kind of games I would want a boy to play with me to get me into bed.

-I still am emotionally attached to A Walk to Remember soundtrack. Yup, love it and am listening to it.

well, there ya go.
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[29 Jan 2007|08:36pm]

Having to tell somebody they can't call you again isn't quite as empowering as you would expect.

Let the healing begin.

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here comes the nostalgia... [07 Jan 2007|09:06pm]
okay, don't want to make this sappy, but...

i miss you girls already!!!

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[06 Jan 2007|05:32pm]
during a conversation we had awhile ago, Gabe had made the comment that he might come to Fayetteville.  He said it very flippantly, and knowing his visiting history, I put little stock in this statement. A few days later, he asked me for my home address to send a book.  Gabe had mentioned before that he didn't like to mail gifts because he liked to see the reaction when somebody opened it, so at this statement I had two options. 1) I could add it to the reasons why I thought he might come to Fayetteville 2) I could realize that this meant that he knew he wasn't going to be coming to Fayetteville for a really long time, and figured that he should just mail the book. On Monday, he called to tell me that he had just mailed the package and it would be there on Thursday or...err...whenever it would get there. At this fumble, I started to confuse myself with possibilities.  On Wednesday night, I got multiple messages telling me to look out for the package the next day. I knew that this meant that either he was coming, or the package was coming.  My mind was going 1,000 mph.  I couldn't sleep on Wednesday night. It was like Christmas! I finally got up, showered, and dressed, much to the inquiry of my mother.  At 11:30 on Thursday, Gabe called from a car asking if the package was there.  He explained the car noises, saying he was going to take his sister to an orthodontist appointment, but he sounded really excited.  I told him the mail hadn't come, and he said he would call in a few hours.  I read in my living room for most of the day on pins and needles thinking that he was just going to show up.  The mail came, and I ran out to the mailbox.  Nothing was there.  So, now, I had no Gabe and no book.  I was upset.  At this point, I figured I should let my mom know what I was thinking.  At my confession, she began to clean in a crazed frenzy, and hurried to add make-up to her pajama-clad appearance.  At 4:30, he called again (still in a car). I told him the book hadn't come, and he said he would call tomorrow. But he didn't explain the car noises.  Hours passed, and I started to become disappointed. By 7:00, I knew that he wasn't coming, and I would just have to wait another day for my package.  An hour later, I got a phonecall from gabe. I knew what this meant.  He asked me if I had gotten the package, and I reminded him that mail only came once a day.  He asked me to please humor him and look one more time.  My mom and Emily got really excited as I went to open the front door. When I first looked outside, I didn't see anything. And then....I saw a figure, on the phone, standing next to my mailbox.  I started screaming "I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!" and proceeded to run up the driveway. There is the VERY detailed story.
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[05 Jan 2007|12:55am]
i was supposed to get a book in the mail from gabe today. when i went outside to check for it, Gabe was standing next to my mailbox.
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Thought I might have an interested audience. [01 Jan 2007|11:25pm]
Somebody asked me the other day why our church doesn't support the arts because we don't have dramas and short-act plays in the services. I realized the question, as with almost every question, goes back to creation. I don't believe something has to be in a church service to be "for God". As if the only acting that is "for God" is acting in a church service. A church is a community of people who are learning how to be certain kinds of people whereer they find themselves, so they can do whatever it is they do "in the name of the Lord Jesus". The goal isn't to bring everyone's work into the church; the goal is for the church to be these unique kinds of people who are transforming the places they live and work and play because they understand the whole earth is filled with the kavod of God. God isn't in the building only. Doing things for God happens all the time, everywhere. If you are an actor, the goal isn't for you to do your work in a church building in a church service. Please go wherever it is in the world that people act and do it well. Really well. Throw yourself into it and give it everything you have. 
- Rob Bell in Velvet Elvis
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yummy num [28 Dec 2006|11:02am]

So, who's down for breakfast at Rick's next Wednesday at nine?
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